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The latest Auditor General’s report has been published. It includes some shocking information that suggest the federal government has not been totally transparent in how it spent money on a large international event which it hosted last year. It not only spent money without approval of the House of Commons, but it appears that the money was used in a riding of a Cabinet Minister for purposes that seem to be geared to getting him elected. The Report also indicates that promises made by the government to improve services offered by the RCMP (after criticism in the report the year before) did not happen. The report also is critical of how the government is not improving health care wait times and conditions on First Nations Reserves.

Please Answer the Questions Below in a 1 page essay, please restate the questions in the essay. Thankyou so much!

You are an MP sitting in the House Of Commons as a member of the government in power. What will you do in response to this AG report to your voters? How should the government respond? What about the Opposition Parties?

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