yogurt category

The yogurt category has experienced some disruptive sales with the Greek variety yogurts entering the category. Yoplait sales were hit hard by the Greek introductions. The article mentions the situation and Yoplait’s marketing plan to help solve the declining sales. As statisticians you will need to create a research plan to solve the problems for Yoplait marketers. You do not have to come to the same conclusion. Creativity is welcome. Refer to page 302 in your book.
1. Develop a hypothesis test that Yoplait would create. Write down the null and alternative Hypotheses. Explain why you chose this test, the business challenge it addresses, and what you hope to learn from them. What would be the business action that would be taken if you accepted your null hypotheses? For your Alternative Hypotheses?
2. Gather your data and describe it, including:
a. The types of variables you have: nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio
b. measures of central tendency
c. variability
d. distributions
e. outliers – describe data before and after removing the outliers (i-iv). Explain how you identified the outliers.
3. Choose the appropriate statistical test (z, t, chi-square, etc.) and explain why you chose this test.
4. Set the value of alpha (a) or the type one error rate and state your confidence level. Describe WHY you chose this error rate and draw the distribution, noting the critical values (decision rules) and rejection regions. Keep in mind whether the test is one or two tailed.
5. Analyze your data and describe your statistical conclusion.
6. Determine the business implications. Write a two paragraph conclusion to your boss describing what you learned and how Yoplait should act on these results.

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