This disease was wide spread in South China in the 50s, killed many peasants and wiped out many villages. Chinese government at the time waged a big champagne trying to eliminate it, mostly by extinguishing the mid-host the snail, by draining swamps and paddy fields, etc.
Questions the reading and video presentation: Dream of Lord Jin/ Gu Syndrom
1. What Lord Jin dreamed of, and what symptoms he has associated illness?
2. The course of his illness and the death event (Various diagnostic efforts, the symptoms and its causes)
3. Zichan of Zheng’s interpretation and explanation of Lord Jin’s illness?
4. Symptoms of GU: mental, physical, duration, etc.
5. Main points of the modern interpretation of GU by Dr. Fruehauf
Please see the attached doc for the link and a brief description of it, also with some time points of its contents.
Please write s 300~400 words notes/comment/questions about it.

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