Order D
cambodian studies:<br>
about 1970s: escape from war and the creation of refugees<br>
1: what is the definition of a “refugee”?<br>
2: where did cambodian refugees go once they were admitted into the united states?<br>
3: why would the U.S. accept refugees, in particular refugees from cambodia?<br>
about how long beach became the”cambodian capital in america”<br>
1:discuss the gang warfare between cambodians and latinos in long beach. what do you think is the cause of the gangfare?<br>
2: discuss why new cambodians have continued to immigrate to long beach since the 1990s?<br>
3:what type of social services-public and private-did cambodian refugees rely on to resettle in america?<br>
about cambodian american secondary migration and community growth<br>
1: what type of employment do some cambodians enter our of necessity?<br>
2: since the 1990s, the cambodian community in long beach has continued to grow and develop. discuss how it has grown<br>
3: what is the relationship between long beach and the cambodian american identity?<br>
4: what do you think the future for cambodians in long beach will be?<br>
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