What I learned IN and OUTSIDE of college?
(1)How is ”learning” in college defined? Are there disciplinary tensions associated with its conceptualization?Cultural,class, religious distinctions? You may have learned more from extracurricular activities, from organizing campus events, from your practicum or research or clinical or fieldwork experiences for your major, from collaborating with peers or mentors, or from other opportunities to improve your social or emotional intelligence by being sensitive to new rhetorical situations, learning how to solve problems creatively and negotiate your ”presence” in relationships.

(2)How did college help to prepare you for future professional, social,political, organization, personal engagement-relationships at various levels? What differences do you see between the person you hope to be as a graduating senior and the person you were as a freshman or a new transfer student?

For the learn Outside college question:
(1)One common complaint about recent college graduate is that they may lack independent problem solving abilities because they have been told what to do and how to think for so many years. Given the sheltered routines of undergraduate life, such as naysayers argue that typical students never get a chance to improvise and are never forced to adapt to new situations away from the cocoon of a protected college campus environment.Explain how your own experience defies this stereotype. What makes you able to solve real-world problems creatively without step-by-step directions?

(2)Another common complaint about recent college graduate is that they don’t understand the conventions, regulations, and practices of institutions and organizations. Describe a time when you discovered the merits of playing by established rules to preserve an important value(like fairness or stability) or when you had to be sensitive to the needs, feelings, or goals of others. What do you know about the rules of complex systems, structures, or social dynamics that a less mature student night overlook?

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