Exercise of Demian by Herman Hesse
This exercise must be typed and must be a minimum of three full typed pages. The book is available through most bookstores or on-line. You must demonstrate serious effort and care. Do NOT submit a paper with misspelling, incorrect grammar, etc.
Interpret the book Demian (by Herman Hesse), a story of a quest for personal growth, from the perspective of Jung’s theory of personality. Answer these questions
1.) What are some major Jungian themes in Demian?
Provide examples of the principle of opposites? Provide examples of good vs. evil? Consciousness Vs. unconsciousness? Conflict? Individuation? The formation of the self (transcendent function)? The importance of balance or harmony? The use of dreams and symbols in individuation?
2.) What are some archetypal themes in Demian? You might consider the Hero’s Quest or the Wise man as examples. What does the bird breaking out of the egg symbolize?
3.) What are some of the major themes and symbols used to show the process of individuation and the development of the self?
4.) Are there examples of Shadow? Animus(a)? Persona? Self?
5.) Is Demian a part of Sinclair or is Demian apart from Sinclair? Why?
6.) What does Abraxis represent?
7.) What were the roles of these characters? Demian? Kromer? Pistorius? Frau Eva? Beatrice?
8.) Why do you think World War I occurred (according to Demian)?
9.) What do you believe was Emil Sinclair’s psychological type and why?
10.) Did the book provide any insights about personal growth to you?
11.) In what other ways(Other than from a Jungian perspective) might you interpret Demian?

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