Topic: Law and Social Theory

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the essay q is
Explain with examples Phillip Selnick’s notion of ‘responsive law’.

-The essay must be written as continuous referenced narratives with an introduction, discussion, conclusion and reference list, not as dot points.
-Write with precision and economy exercising a judicious choice of words and employ examples to illustrate critical concepts

references are these, if you couldn’t find the references online please email me and i’ll upload them.

Philip Selznick (1980) ‘Jurisprudence and social policy: aspirations and
perspectives’ 1980 California Law Review 68(2) 206.

Martin Krygier (2003) ‘Humanist Social Science and Human Rights’, paper
delivered at the Universalism and Local Knowledge in Human Rights
Conference, Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University, 24-25.

Additional references
*Robert A. Kagan, Krygier, Martin and Winston, Kenneth (eds) Legality and
Community. On the Intellectual Legacy of Philip Selznick (Maryland:
Rowman & Littlefield, 2002).
Philippe Nonet and Selznick, Philip, Law and Society in Transition (London:
Philip Selznick, ‘Sociology and Natural Law’ (1961) Natural Law Forum 84.
—, ‘Jurisprudence and social policy: aspirations and perspectives’ (1980) 68 (2)
California Law Review 206.
—, Law, Society, and Industrial Justice (New York: Transaction Books, 1983
October, 2003.

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