“The Optimistic Child”

1. Describe why children need optimism and what does it immunize a person against.

2. Explain what went wrong during the “Boomer” era.

3. Describe the three “P”s or Fundamentals of Optimism.

4. Complete the Children’s attributional style questionnaire . Tell about the process? Were you surprised at your results?

5. Where does optimism come from? Describe at least two sources.

6. Describe the Penn Prevention Program.

7. Identify the ABC’s of optimism and give an example of each.

8. Describe thought catching, evaluating thoughts, creating alternative thoughts and decatastrophizing and give an example of each.

9. Identify the five steps of problem solving. Give an example of a problem on how to use the five steps of problem solving.

10. Describe some of the limits of optimism.

11. Relate a principle from this book and how it could be used in improving a romantic relationship.

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