Television studies

There are 2 questions to choose from (choose one only):

1.What are the main arguments of Raymond Williams? Television: Technology and Cultural Form (originally published in 1974). Feel free to agree or disagree with the arguments made in the book. Does the study by James Lyons on Miami Vice confirm the arguments of Williams?s book? How does Williams?s book need to be updated for the 1980s?

2.Carefully compare the two books James Lyons, Miami Vice (2010) and John Caughie, Edge of Darkness (2007). Try to watch at least one full episode of each show (DVDs are available at Trent Library). What are the main differences between the two shows? What does this tell us about the differences between US
and British television in the 1980s? Do you note any differences in how James Lyons and John Caughie study television. Please comment on how they go about studying a television show.

Books required:
Raymond Williams, Television: Technology and Cultural Form (originally pub. 1974)
James Lyons, Miami Vice (Wiley-Blackwell, 2010)

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