Description: As part of your second written assignment and participation grade, you will be completing a web-based team assessment. The survey provides an opportunity for you to evaluate every member of your team (including yourself) and reflect on team processes and development. Please be honest when completing the survey- your responses will NOT affect your grade. Survey completion is a credit/no credit aspect of the assignment. After reflecting on your responses to the online survey, please comment on the following (3 page maximum, double-spaced): 1) What were the strengths and weaknesses of your HS 234 team? Provide examples. 2) Thinking about Hackman’s five enabling conditions (real team, compelling direction, enabling structure, supportive context, expert coaching/leadership) for team effectiveness, which condition was the most difficult to establish and/or ensure for your team? Why? 3) Thinking about all of your class team experiences, how would you rate your HS 234 team experiences? Why?

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