-Employers often fell that exit interviews/surveys data are unreliable, because exiting employees “pull their punches” to avoid burning bridges. What are some steps employers can take to increase the validity of their exit interviews/surveys?-Ahmed

-When is the optimal time to conduct exit interviews/surveys?-Nasser

-What are some general guidelines to ensure consistent data from exit interviews/surveys?-Ahmed
-What types of questions should be asked in an exit interview/survey? Examples?-Nasser
-What should HR’s role be in the exit interview process if a 3rd party company is used?-Ahmed


Turnover analysis:
Our book gave several examples of organizations reducing their turnover. From these examples can you share how these firms succesfully uses turnover analysis? What did they measure? How did it reduce turnover?

1-Mike’s car wash
2-IHS help desk
3-Steak and shake
4-Fleet Boston

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