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1. Read a journal article about an issue of diversity or social justice that is important to you. Consider focusing your tweet on how the article supports or does not support the dignity and worth of the person.

2. Watch a documentary on a social justice issue and send out tweets with hashtags about the movie, focusing on the movie’s message and important facts from the movie.

3. Share trending information about your topic area(s). Retweet something of interest that you received with your own personal comments added (of at least 30 characters).

4. Post tweets with links to different newspaper articles about your topic area(s). Include a brief summary of at least 30 characters.

5. Identify a policy issue of interest to you and tweet a question about it to the local, state or federal government agency responsible for implementing the policy.

6. Participate in a live Twitter Chat about a social policy topic that interests you. For example, you are invited to a chat a which is currently held on Sundays from 8-9 CST using the hashtag #intro2sw

7. Read Dr. Frederic Reamer’s article Developing A Social Media Ethics Policy. Write and post a tweet about the most important concept you learned from the article.

8. After class, post a tweet with a question that you have about the class content.

9. After class, post a tweet about a topic that was discussed that you found most relevant to your own personal or professional interests.

10. Tweet an example of how social workers use Twitter to advocate for human rights and social justice and comment on its effectiveness, audience, etc.

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