social and emotional needs of gifted students

1 Lesson plans to cover social-emotional aspects with gifted students:

Create a series of lessons to be used with your students to address some of the issues that are identified in this course. Topics such as ‘perfectionism’, ‘underachievement’, overexcitabilities, intensity, will be identified. Create lesson plans for addressing the identified issues and others. The format should identify the title of the session or lesson, objectives ofthe session or lesson, teaching strategies, learning activities, assessment tasks and resources.

2 Evaluating a research book:
Evaluate the research and practice literature that is reviewed in a chosen text/book. Your response should answer the
following questions:
What are the Socio affective characteristics and needs of gifted students? What programs and strategies nurture the social and emotional needs of gifted students?Why would this text/book be a useful resource for teachers?What have you identified as actin you could take in your educational context to support and nurture the social and emotional needs of gifted students?

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