Simultaneous and sequential line – up procedures.

The purpose of this assessment is to ensure you are able to locate academic literature, read and understand it, demonstrate correct
paraphrasing and referencing skills and ultimately combine these skills in orderto write a literature review. Specifically you are required
to present a comprehensiv e review of the research that has been undertaken in the area of simultaneous and sequential line-up procedures.
The aim isto inform your reader about the current state of knowledge regarding the effectiveness of simultaneous and sequential line-up

Search all relevant electronic databasesfor empirical research.

Make sure that the majority of literature that you

intend to include in your review is em irical re se arch-text books

and published literature reviews should only provide contextual


Make sure that you have all of the original sources of material – no “cite unseen.”



Psychology isthe scientific study of human behaviour. Forthis assessment students are required to review empirical research
regarding the effectiveness of simultaneous and sequential line-up procedures.

Marking criteria

Your assignmentwill be marked according


Relev ance of content and depth of detail.

Critical analysis and synthesis of the literature.


Adherence to

academic writing conventions.

(((Your paper must not be constructed as an essay )))- it is a literature review. Your tutor will
clarifythe difference in
pleeeeease take care of the last point mate.

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