Sedentary Lifestyle
Paper instructions:
The format of the paper should go like this; introduction and thesis statement; problem section, first reason; problem section, second reason; first solution; second solutions; and call to action.
The outline which you can change is this;

I. For the introduction I plan on providing a brief background on sedentary lifestyles and the effects of this type of lifestyle. My working thesis is: Modern day technology advances and conveniences are causing us increased illnesses; we can combat this by increasing our daily activity and (solution 2)????.
II. Sedentary lifestyles are causing increased risk of illnesses and diseases we can combat this by increasing our daily activity. Supporting sentences: increased cholesterol in the body, lowered body immunity, and increased blood pressure.
III. Sedentary lifestyles are causing development of terminal diseases. Supporting sentences: increased risk of obesity, increased risk of diabetes, and increased risk of cardiovascular diseases: hypertension.
IV. Sedentary lifestyles are causing low energy levels and depression. Supporting sentence: lower levels of body and mind activity, increased anxiety, and increased risk of psychological disorders.
V. Sedentary lifestyles are causing bone disease. Supporting sentences: increased risk of bone weakening as a result of inactivity, increased risk of osteoporosis, and risk of bone breakages.
VI. There is a need to increase physical activity or we will die sooner rather than later. We can achieve this by changing simple everyday tasks and routines. We have to carve out some time every day for physical activity.

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