1. Top left corner, where it says “Only Art”, change that and instead put our logo which would be:




Font: ErasBoldITC

Fontsize: 28



  1. On home page, remove GENERAL photos focusing on Onami Restaurant. We want the photos to be interactive as possible,i.e capturing crowd, ambience and the dj basically, Photos to focus on dj, equipment or dj and crowd. We also don’t want to offend Onami as a previous …creating a sense of perhaps a residency at Onami that we do not have yet. Pick other photos from the ones that you took on your USB.


  1. We have also noticed that the scope of photos is quite small with this template. We want that we can link our galleries to Facebook photo galleries. We also want to be changing all the photos from time to time. We cover how below.


  1. ‘What we can offer” tab – is it possible a picture of equipment ( a turntable) to replace the ‘gears’ avatar.


  1. We like that the “Read more ?” tab below the “what we can offer’ leads to the “About” page. However, because this tab has information that is found under “ “ About ”, we propose to remove it AND instead to have the “Download a Mix Tape”, renamed to “STUFF” in its place. This ‘stuff’ tab can be used to place dj mixes, sample contracts and any other downloadable information including logos and other fun stuff. This will be updated from time to time. See Number 13 regarding the contents wordings to be found under “ABOUT”


  1. Under the proposed “STUFF” tab we want it written. :


Get stuff that is fun, from a mix session, to music review, to music we are listening to and recommend…and many many more



  1. We would like to see the “Book or Hire” tab change name to “ BOOK NOW” , the avatar here to be that of a CALENDAR . We don’t want any wording here. We want a link to the ‘Contact Us’ tab as explained in No.16 below. (SEE No. 16 below, for the sample of the requested fields) We would like the calendar avatar, when clicked will LINK to the “CONTACT US” field to allow for fields to be entered as captured in No.16 below.



  1. Under “Best Deal”. Please edit all that is written there and only have the following:


We offer the best price for value for your money. We are flexible and give excellent value for money. Click on ‘Book Now’ tab and give us your details for us to talk to you about your event”.


We don’t want to put an exact amount as different deals will be quoted differently.


  1. Change the “Join Our Social Network” tab to say “ FOLLOW US” and provide for a twitter link and link to the facebook page. We already like that clicking on the fb link directs someone to our actual fb page. We’ll provide you with the twitter details shortly.


  1. We like the placing of “ Rhythms Entertainment. Redefining Entertainment”. However, we just want “ redefining entertainment” to show in this place.


  1. General adjustment: Remove ALL latin wordings..hehehe!


  1. On the top right hand corner of the page, the tab “HOME” is ok and we are happy with the consequence of clicking on this icon.


  1. Still on the top right hand corner, when one moves the cursor over the “About” icon, we don’t want to see “General Page” and “404 page” appearing, we simply want the “ABOUT US” page to appear with its narrative of “ What we do” and to REMOVE “services” heading. We like the picture of the mafans saying hi to the dj..


Under “What We do”, we want it edited to read:


We have been in the DJing and entertainment industry for more than 15 years. We are a group of young entrepreneurs having been in and around the Kenyan dj music scene from the early 80’s. We grew up on a staple of older brothers and friends already djing. Our education was crowned by many a jam session visits to Club Boomerang – not missing any beat spun by DJ Adams, DJ Tubbs and the legendary DJ Paco Perez. 


We have played in most clubs in Kenya and have had stints in Tanzania and Botswana. Members of the group have been all over the world picking up a thing or two from Australia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Uganda and Botswana.


We cater for all manner of Corporate or social events by providing the following services:

Public Address Systems, DJ services and Consultancy , equipment installation, Lighting Systems, Karaoke Services, Disco Equipment and Event Organizing and Management.


We believe we are experienced enough and professional enough to offer unparalleled customer satisfaction end to end. From initial meetings, planning and executing your event, we journey with you in creativity, inspiration and exhilaration. We can also partner with other event industry professionals to give you a one stop experience in designing your event. “



  1. Still on the top right hand corner, Under “ Galleries” We want to choose the   “Portofolio 3 columns” option. We think this gives us more room for picture stories.We also want “Portofolio 3 columns” to be re-labelled “ Testimonials”


  1. Under The “Testimonials” we want :


  • To put one main picture of an event that we were involved in, a small description.
  • Under the said picture and accompanying description, we want the tab saying “visit website?” to be an actual link to a photo gallery of the same event that we will place in facebook.
  • We notice that there are 17 such possibilities, we will provide you the 17 instances shortly.


  1. On the extreme top right hand corner, we like the : “Contact Us” tab. We like the fields and the information that they are requesting. In fact if the fields can be broadened to include:


  • Event Date ,
  • Event Location,
  • Number of people expected
  • Contact Person’s Name
  • Contact Person’s telephone number
  • Contact Person’s email address.
  • Once the fields have been completed. We want 2 things to happen:
  • The sub to get a message that they will get a telephone call shortly from either Jimmy, Njogu or Thomas.
  • That the customer’s request will be sent as an email to all the 4 mailboxes: info,Jimmy, Tom and Philip when the customer clicks on the “Submit” button at the bottom.
  • The customer will also have sent email to all 4 email mailboxes when they send their email to the ‘[email protected].
  • The telephone number for the customer to call will be 0736 579 580 – Tom


  1. There is a ‘GEAR’ avatar on the extreme left hand side of the home page, I played with the constituent ‘samples’ and discovered that they were background stills. We would like a nice, airy pic from the few we gave you to provide such background, maybe those one’s on SUSHI? Or the one of the overhead view of people partying at       Onami?





Grab BEST Deal Ever.