Research/investigate the history of the development of the Apple Newton.

From the given industry case study assigned (TBD). Pick three (3) TA concepts to Analyze and apply to this industry example and how they relate to the Case or if not present in this case study, then how could/should they relate to the case.
1- Case Introduction, 20%
2- Elements explained, A,B, & C (45%;15%each, 5%each step i.e. See below)
1- State each concept/element (5%)
2- Define each concept/element. (5%)
3- Explain the significance of each of the concepts/element you have chosen. (5%)
3- Conclusion to the case included. 20%
4- Format, layout, and organization. 15%

Write up an intro to the case, explain the elements, and include a conclusion to the case

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