Reliable Pharmaceutical Service case studies

Read chapters2,  4, 5 and 6 of the text and the case studies at the end of these chapters. Then answer the questions about the Rocky Mountain Outfitters and the Reliable Pharmaceutical Service case studies at the end of these chapters. Make your answers short (2-3 sentences).

———————————————————————————————————————Section 2:

Problem definition

This is a work low of a unit in a hospital.  The workflow shows us that nurses are running back and forth to the nurse station in the hallway.
Goal and objectives

The hospital is looking for a solution where it can combine actions taken in the Patient Room with actions taken at the Nurse Station.  This will not only save time but it will help the nurses keep their focus more on the patient and their treatment.
Analyze the problem and find a solution.  Show this solution through a use case diagram.
One of the nurse activities is to document the pain assessment.  In this activity the nurse and the system will interact with each other. By asking (by the system) and answering (by the nurse) questions, the system will decide what kind and how much pain medication has to be administered.  Create a fully developed diagram description and a system sequence diagram for this activity.
After the analysis it is time to create a design.  For the last activity (the one you created the system sequence diagram) create now a design class diagram.

Suggestions and Guidelines:
•    Use your own words and Thoughts. Plagirism  and/or cheating will result in a grade of Zero.
•    Give short answers to each question (not more than 3-4 lines)
•    Total page length (not more than 3 pages, 300 words per page)
•    1-inch margins, Double spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman font

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