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After reading the text: How did China Take Off? By Yasheng Huan

Write a referee report.

Each referee report is a 1000-word essay that will be graded based on the following criteria: (i) the report should be well structured and clearly written; (ii) the report should summarize the main contributions of the paper; (ii) the report should point out the paper’s place in the literature; (iii) the report should provide specific comments on the strengths and weaknesses of the paper; (iv) the report should provide recommendations on further research in the field. Normally, writing a report would involve a careful reading of the assigned paper and a few related papers.

Following these instructions, the grading of referee reports gives a weight of about one-third to the summary of the paper and one-third to the discussion of strengths and weaknesses and identifying the paper’s place in the literature. The remaining one-third is split evenly between the structure of your essay and your recommendations for future research.

A good referee report will usually include a clear and concise summary of the main arguments and findings presented by the paper being reviewed, link the paper to other work in the field, discuss three or four major strengths and weaknesses, suggest how weaknesses can be improved and propose a few avenues for future research.

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