recent airline labor-management conflict (2000-present)
Project description

1. Research an article regarding a recent airline labor-management conflict (2000-present). Using the guidelines below, write a case study paper and bring the completed paper and a copy of the article to the first class meeting. Due Date – Start of Class – Saturday, Weekend 2
Using the guidelines below, write a case study paper and attach a copy of the article to the completed paper:
(a 3 point deduction will result if no article is attached).

Pay particular attention to the case study guidelines – “Contents of the Written Case Study.” Be prepared to discuss the article in class. Please limit your paper to 4-5 typed pages, 12 point font, and use APA format.

Examples of acceptable articles to be used as primary articles may be found in professional journals, airline magazines, Wall Street Journal, N.Y. Times, Washington Post newspapers. Unacceptable articles will result in an automatic five (5) point deduction. Late assignments will be lowered one letter grade – see syllabus.

Case Study Guidelines:

These short writing assignments explore your opinions and experiences, and give you the opportunity to showcase your writing skills. Papers should be at least four, but no more than five pages long, typed, double-spaced, have one inch margins, using a 12 point font. Please staple papers in upper left-hand margin.

Papers will be evaluated on a point basis as indicated below.
Contents of the written case study

1. Explain (summarize) the issue. 5 points
Use as much detail as needed to explain the issue.

2. Do you agree or disagree with the article. 2 points
What is your opinion? Do you agree or do you disagree?

3. Support your position with a minimum of 3 citations from:

a. other examples of similar occurrences
b. laws / other cases
c. past practice by the company or union
d. other union/management decisions
e. additional magazine or journal articles regarding this subject
f. other information

Minimum of three references: 3 points
Each citation: 3 points each (total of 9 points)

4. Recommendations 4 points
From your perspective, explain how you feel this (these) issue(s) could be solved.

5. Writing Skills 2 poin

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