The purpose of this paper is to give you experience in writing a public policy analysis for a public policy that impacts a business corporation in California. As the Senior Vice President of Administration Corporation you might be asked to provide input concerning an existing policy or a new public policy to the CEO and Board of Directors. You would research the issue, making sure to get inputs from various key organizational actors who deal closely with the policy. For example, you might analyze The Sarbanes Oxley Act, 2002, or the Family and Medical Leave Act, 1993, HIPPA, 1996, or some other law, from both conceptual and implementation perspectives. Re-read Peng, M.W., Global Strategy, 2014, Chapter 4 on Institutions. This will remind you about impact of government regulation on corporations. Your paper would include the following elements:

Title Page
1. Executive Summary
a. Summary of the policy
b. Key Opportunities, Issues, and/or Obstacles
c. Key Findings& Recommendations
2. Introduction
3.Describe your Data Collection Methodology
4.Data Analysis Methodology you used for analyzing the data – content analysis of
library sources, or interviews, or survey research, etc.
5. Findings & Impacts on the Organization
6. Recommendations
7. Bibliography & Appendices
1. You are doing an analysis of how and why a law—the Sarbanes Oxley Act– impacts a business firm. This is the key. You are not studying it for itself, as would be done in a public administration class. You are studying a law’s impact on a corporation. Make that clear at the outset. It does not only focus on the public sector (governmental sector) as your opening statement implies.

2. The reason this topic was given to a business strategy class is because institutions (laws, government agencies, etc.) impact how firms do business, how they compete and how they behave. Most strategy books do not include Institutions, but institutions are key factors in curtailing self-interestedness and opportunism of firms that are deleterious to the social good.

3. A business firm’s behaviour is impacted by competitive forces , leveraging resources and capabilities and institutions.

4. Be sure to mention how the Act has been changed and tweaked since it was passed in 2007 and why this was done.


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