Paper title:  Preparation For War

Academic level: College

Pages: 3

Source amount: 2

Subject: History

Formatting style: MLA

Type:  Research paper

Details:  Assignment 6: Preparation for War This assignment supports the following lesson objectives: •Describe America’s preparations for World War I. Assignment Overview •This article explores the events that led to America’s involvement in WWI. Deliverables •Three-page essay response (12 point font) to exercise questions. Activity Details Perform the following tasks: •Step 1: Watch the video, “America and the Great War.” Click here and select the “Preparation for War” link to access the article. •Step 2: After watching the video, respond to the following. Use MS Word to write your response to the following: •What led to World War I? Why didn’t America get involved? •What led to America’s eventual involvement? What were President Wilson’s reasons for wanting America to declare war? •How did Americans feel about the war, both before and after America joined it? Also remember to write a good thesis statement and ive attached the link to the video you need to watch.

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