Project description
The class discussions in our course depend on the reading assignments. To make sure that you are getting the most out of your reading, and to help you learn how to do it well, I am requiring that you submit a written critical summary on the reading assignments in the course. These writing assignments should not take a great deal of time, and, if done properly, will help you participate in class discussion. [Be sure to keep an extra copy of the report for use in class.] Late submissions will not be accepted, except in case of illness or excused absence.
Your critical summary of the readings should provide the following.
1. A complete citation: Title(s), author(s), date(s) and source(s).

2. A brief (no more than 5 sentences) summary of the main point(s) of at least one of the readings. Can you identify the major questions posed and answered? Can you identify the major conclusions?

3. In no more than 5 sentences, can you identify the connection between at least one of the readings and the ideas you’ve encountered in this or in your other courses in economics (or other subjects)? Do you have any questions about and/or can you offer any critical observations on the day’s reading.

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