Current abilityPotential ApplicationsCore Concepts Self-management Competencies 1. Values According to me, values are psychological objects that are intangible but real as any other object. In my daily life, I will be required to dedicate most of my life in pursuit of values. This can be demonstrated by showing loyalty and patriotism in the fight for freedom, equality and human rights during my lifetime Tito 2007) Values will be able to act as a guide to me. I will be required to make use of my current values for the benefit of my friends and families. For instance, if I have the value of truthfulness, I will be required to use this value in my relation with others. These include loyalty, reliability, honesty, generosity, trustworthy and sense of belonging to our families, friends and coworkers. Some of the physical values that a person may have include cleanliness, punctuality, orderliness and accuracy and physical perfection in whatever we do

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