Operations Management for Marketing 1

Core Texts
This module has been designed so that many activities contribute to your learning.  Our assessment of your learning will require you to show us how you have extended your reading independently.  This is an essential part of how university is different from ‘A’ levels.  As a starting point, you will need one of the core textbooks.
Core Texts
The module follows:
Hill, A. and Hill, T. (2011) Essential Operations Manage¬ment. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan
There are copies in the Library, all restricted to 7 day loan and the text is also available electronically.
Another excellent introductory text is:
Jones, P. and Robinson, P. (2012) Operations Management. Oxford University Press
There are copies in the Library, all restricted to 7 day loan.
We will also refer to:
Slack, N. Chambers, S. and Johnston, R. (2013) Operations Management. 7th ed. Harlow: FT Prentice Hall
There are copies in the Library, all restricted to 7 day loan and the text is available electronically.  You will find earlier editions just as helpful for study at this level.
You should look at all of these textbooks in the Library during the first few weeks but you should then purchase one of these texts before the Formative Assignment, perhaps with a friend, to ensure that you are successful on this module.  If you share a book, the purchase price should work out at £1 for each week of the module.  This would be further reduced if you use Blackwell’s buy-back system.  The nearest Blackwell’s is at the junction of Mount Pleasant and Brownlow Hill.  Alternatively, there is a Books For Sale and Wanted section on the BA Marketing Blackboard site.
Another important text that you will need to refer to is:
Schroeder, R. Goldstein, S. and Rungtusanatham, M (2011) Operations Management; Contemporary Concepts and Cases 5th ed. Boston: McGraw-Hill
There are copies in the Library and one is available on 2 hour loan.


Introduction (paragraph about company and what it does) maximum 4-5

1.     Transformation Model

Introduce the model – what does Slack say and what does Hill say

Transformation Model – Slack (online)  Reference

Transformation Model – Draw it for McDonalds, Starbucks with all the inputs, processes, outputs

Describe the model briefly (paragraph)

2. Order Qualifiers/Order Winners

What does Hill say, what does slack say – use some quotes from the book, make sure you reference properly

Draw table and add both Qualifiers and winner

Qualifiers – type of things that attract people to company
Winners – Things that will make you go back again

3.     Difference between products and services/service product bundle

What does Hill say about products, what does Slack say, use quotations, models

Draw any diagrams, discuss what the products/services are, tangible, intangible, explicit, implicit

Draw table for products/services and say whether they are tangible/intangible

Services – Characteristics, service delivery systems used, service category part of delivery system (112, 113, 119) use the tables and apply to your company

Describe where they agree/disagree

Grab BEST Deal Ever.