Obama Health Reform Effectilveness of the Affordable Care Act
Project instructions:
Assignment Two: Power- Point on Research Article or Articles
You are to select one journal-based research article. I have chosen Obama Health Reform (I have attached a copy of the article and will send it to [email protected]) this is old can refer to, but also have the writer go to the web and google for a more current up to date article on: Obama Health Reform Effectiveness of the Affordable Care Act. He can refer to the old one as he thinks is needed, but the more up to date articles will show everything and give a more up to date and much better power-point. Please have writer number 4339 and only him do this this assignment. This writer is very good so I know he can handle this and make it perfect. The amount of source reference pertaining to the above article I leave up to the writer hopefully he can locate more up to date materials on the above article he thinks he needs to do a great power point. APA Style format, also font size, type of print example times new roman or whatever writer thinks looks the best or what he normally uses is fine by me, he is the professional , I am sure he has done and knows what an excellent power point looks like and what I am looking for. I need a total of 12 slides, I guess they are done with bullet points but have the writer do what he thinks is best on the slides after he gets everything researched and put together, so everything looks great, sounds great and brings every point out that is required as stated below under Assignment Two Power- Point which says Must Include The Following. On the power point slides have the writer use his own judgment on how it looks, (font size, colors, style of lettering, graph slides if needed whatever makes a great looking professional looking power- point presentation from all the materials he uses for this power point slide presentation?) When complete have this sent back as a Power-Point Slides Presentation in the Microsoft Power Point 2013 program so I can save and open it into that and do changes to the slides where needed save them changes and then attach the Power- Point file and sent out on an email so the receiver can open it up in Microsoft Power Point and have a slide show showing the exact way it was done and how the slides look fresh. It was Ok’d to order 6 pages and I would get 12 power point slides.
Assignment Two
Power- Point Must Include The Following
1 Cover Page with name of article listed in APA Reference list style, group member name (John Doe), and date of submission.
2 Study research question(s) and hypotheses (if applicable)
3 Methodology: Was it quantitative (i.e, based on an existing database; done by administering a survey) or qualitative (i.e based on focus groups, individual interviews, case reviews, etc.) or mixed method (both quantitative and qualitative)? Where and when was the study done? How large was the sample and how was it selected? If it was an experimental study (i.e, testing one or more interventions), please describe the intervention (i.e, be specific: what was it; how long did it last; etc.) state whether there was a control group (i.e, a group that did not receive the intervention); and, if there was a control group, how large was it and what service(s) did they receive. If measures were used (i.e, scales, surveys etc), please describe/name them.
4 Results: list the major results or findings. If your study has quantitative results you must include whether each result was found to be statistically significant and include the p value of each result in parenthesis; no other statistical signs are require.
5 Limitations: List limitations stated in the article/articles by the authors and separately list your views on additional limitations.


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