Write a short, reflective, essay answering one (1) of the questions below. Your essay should be between 1500-2000 words of 5 – 7 pages double-spaced. Your essay is not a research paper. You do not need to read additional materials other then the course materials – but of course you are welcome to use other sources if you wish. Your essay must be completely original – it cannot borrow from anyone else’s work or other essays you have done in the past. As you can see, all of the questions you have been asked to choose from encourage you to reflect on aspects of what we have studied in this Unit.

Each of us has our own ideas and beliefs about the nature of conflict. Using the framework of Nature, Order and Value write an essay describing your own beliefs and ideas about the nature of conflict. As part of your essay, also comment on whether (or not) your ideas and beliefs about conflict connect with some of the theorists or
red in this Unit.

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