My difficulties and experience in writing and literacy with second language

Project description
The personal narrative argument about my experience as English is my second language, so the idea is to talk about my experience with writing and literacy and the difficulties I faced in writing system. You need to use 10 sources. The 6 sources below are mandatory and the other 4 you can choose them.
Traditional Research Paper
A couple possible things to consider as you work on situating your ideas may include, but are not limited to:
• What is at stake in the teaching of writing, and how might instructor’s best instruct on how to write in context? To address this question you might begin by discussing your informed understanding of writing and discourse, and then move to talk about your experience as a student, perhaps then discussing your position informed by relevant texts and conversations.
• Expand on how writing and discourse shape our living experiences and maintain systems and structures of power. What do we learn from folks like Foucault, or Lacan, or Ahmed, or Dean, or Russell, etc.? Do you agree with the ideas put forward? Why or why not? Who do you align yourself with? who not? How might such understandings allow for certain modes of critique? How might you utilize such methods to critique X?

Please make sure that your papers conform to the following guidelines:

• Papers must be from 8-10 double-spaced pages in length, with 12pt. Times New Roman font, and 1inch margins;
• Each paper should include an original and thoughtful title;
• All papers must contain a minimum of 10 sources, 6 of which may be texts that we have read in class (i.e. you must include at least 4 outside sources—these sources should be credible academic sources, such as those we have read in class);
• Papers should be in either MLA or APA format


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