Managing in Public and private sectors;

Leeds General Infirmary, also known as the LGI, is a large teaching hospital based in the centre of Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, and is part of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Structuring the work

, do some initial research.
, set out the context and the background of your chosen topic….what it is, how is it organised, when did it come into being, etc.
Aim to spend no more than 750 words on this (this is an indication only- each case may well differ).
The core of your assignment should then be a critical analysis rather than descriptive. You should here be seeking to apply knowledge gained from the module and elsewhere in your studies to analyse issues relating to the organisation.
Here you will use the theory and models discussed to critically analyse.

To do this, you should look to apply at least two (depending on the level of detail you may do more) of the issues we have covered in the module to the public organisation or partnership.
1 management styles,,, what issues to consider if we run care services as business and what are the main differences which could face a manager in public sector and then in private sector
2 strategic management and Leadership ,,to what extend is it distinctive in the public sector and what are the difficulties involved in trying to be ‘strategic’ in public services
3 performance management,, why is difficult to measure performance of public services and what issues are raised by efforts to measure performance here?

Sources of information (U can use others)
Flynn ,N (2012) ,6th edition & 5th edition 2007 also helpful
Hughes OE,(2012. 4th edition)
You may be able to get information directly, and in other cases it may be less clear- for example- you may not be able to find out how an organisation produced its strategy. However, here you can reflect on how it should, and what issues are likely to arise You need to be pro-active in seeking out and retrieving information.  Whatever your chosen subject (LGI), you will have essentially three broad sources of information:
The organisation or partnership website(s);
The organisations and their staff;
The media – probably local rather than national (unless the organisation covers the country, or deals with projects of national importance)
This third category includes newspapers, radio stations, and TV companies

Introduction                       750 max
Seminar topic 1     800-1,200 max
Seminar topic 2     800-1,200 max
Conclusions                        250 min
Total                              3,000 max
Be wary about the claims made by the public or partnership organisations
Remember that the publicity/web-site information tends to be written by marketing and public relations people, which means that it is all too frequently difficult to distinguish between reality (the facts) and fantasy (aspirations)
When, for example, a partnership claims that its efforts created X thousand jobs over the past decade, was it really the partnership, or was it the business cycle upswing, and have they taken into account the jobs lost since the recession?
The point is that for any recorded improvement (or deterioration) in almost any data series, it is generally impossible to separate out the impacts of the various contributory causes where some of those causes are qualitative rather than quantitative.

Content (85% of mark for case study)
Choice of topic. Is the choice of case study an appropriate one? Are partners identified and aims stated?
Structure.   Is the work logically developed, with a conclusion which follows from this?.
To what extent does the case study represent a reflection and evaluation on the chosen subject, using models/concepts/theories covered in the course?
To what extent is relevant literature used and integrated into the analysis?
Grammar and spelling- poor standards will be penalised.
Clarity and conciseness- there will be penalties for exceeding the word limit
Academic techniques (15% of essay mark)
Is the essay properly sourced and referenced?
Is there a comprehensive and properly referenced bibliography?

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