The purpose of this paper is to convince the major stakeholders that you have developed a plan to resolve these problems by developing a detailed communication strategy. This communication strategy must be persuasive enough to convince the stakeholders that you are able to properly manage the project to fruition.
Of the following three (3) situations, respond to each of the assignment requirements (1-5 below) before moving onto the next situation. Note: Fully respond to criterion 1 for all three (3) situations, then criterion 2 for all three (3) situations, etc., until you have fulfilled all five (5) assignment criteria listed below.
? A technical team member has requested a transfer due to project team conflicts.
? One of the project team members wants to take a week?s vacation during a major holiday season
and at a time when critical project deadlines are imminent.
? Risk assessment has not been reviewed since the beginning of the project.

Write a 6-8 page paper in which you:
1. Explain the nature of the situation and its potential impact to the project?s success.
2. Prepare a communication strategy to appropriately manage each of the four (4) situations you selected.
3. Determine how an improvement to the communication strategy may prevent similar problems in the future.
4. In the event that the communication strategy does not resolve the problem, suggest a backup plan that might be implemented.

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