local elementary school

Michael is a 2nd grade student who has attended his local elementary school since kindergarten. Michael has developed significant difficulties in his current 2nd grade reading curriculum. These

difficulties include an inability to answer workbook and teacher comprehension questions regarding the stories within his 2nd grade basal reader series. Michael’s teacher notes that he answers

comprehension questions with just 20% accuracy compared to the 2nd grade average of 80% accuracy with comprehension questions. Michael’s teacher modifies some of his comprehension

classroom and homework assignments in order to help address his comprehension concerns in reading. In March of the school year, Michael’s teacher refers him to the special education team for

possible special education evaluation consideration.

Based on what you know of Michael’s case, write a thorough paragraph response (i.e., at least 4-5 complete sentences) to each of the questions listed below:
1) Is Michael’s teacher’s decision to refer him for special education services warranted? Why? Why not?
2) Discuss the efficacy of Michael’s teacher’s intervention (i.e., modified classroom and homework comprehension assignments). Was this intervention appropriate and sufficient? Why? Why not?
3) Should Michael be considered for special education services? Why? Why not?

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