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use LexisNexis Advance, Westlaw Next, and/or Bloomberg for the electronic research portions. Also use print resources as directed.

Legal Research Assignment 1
Law Skills Section 2
Fall 2014
Statutes & Citators

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Instructions:  For this assignment use LexisNexis Advance, Westlaw Next, and/or Bloomberg for the electronic research portions. Also use print resources as directed.  This assignment is due no later than 12:00 noon on the due date noted in the syllabus. Submit your assignment onto Blackboard. Remember that each of you must submit an answer sheet even if you work on the assignment with partners and that the answer sheet must be typed, not handwritten.

FACTS: You are working as associate counsel for a law firm in Illinois Your supervising attorney has asked you to research liability for injuries caused by a dog bite in the state of Illinois. One of the firm’s clients is being sued for a dog bite incident which occurred on his premises.

Compare four statutory source options for Illinois:

1.    In West’s Smith-Hurd Illinois Compiled Statutes Annotated (KFI 1230 1993 .A4) (Range F29, right of the staircase, near the Booker Room), use the index and locate the section that deals with dog bites.

(a)    What does the index reference you to?

(b)    Go to the volume and the beginning of the section referenced in the index.  What is the Act called?

(c)    Use the chapter outline to find the following. Provide a complete Bluebook citation to the statutory section:

(1)    Defining “ownership”

(2)    Discussing an animal or dog attacking or injuring a person.

(Bluebook, pp. 17 & 240 (Illinois); remember to adjust the typeface for the abbreviation from large/small caps to normal typeface (initial caps).

(d)    Look at the case annotations (Notes of Decisions) for the statute you found in 1(c)(2).  Provide the citation (does not have to be Bluebooked) to at least two decisions that discuss provocation.

2.    Sign onto Bloomberglaw.com. Find the dog bite statute you found in 1b.

(a)    What was your search strategy?

(b)    What is missing from the statute entry that was present in print?

3.    Sign onto Lexis Advance. Under the search box, change the content type to “Statutes & Legislation” and the jurisdiction to “Illinois.” In the search box type:  dog bite provocation. Open up the section you found in 1(c)(2).

(a)    To the right of the statute, click on the “View Shepard’s Report” link.  Look at the left column.  Do you see any “negative” history?

(b)    Go back to the statutory section and look at the “Case Notes.”  Open up the section on “Elements of Cause of Action”. List these elements and provide a citation to a decision citing the elements.

4.    Sign into WestlawNext.  Click on “State Materials” then “Illinois” then “Illinois Statutes and Court Rules.”  In the search box enter:  dog bite

(a)    Click on the statute you found in 1(c)(2).  Look at the “Notes of Decisions” column to the right.  Open up the “provocation” link.  Provide party names to a decision listed in this section (does not have to be Bluebooked).

(b)    Return to the main document screen of the statute. Use the Keycite references to assess whether the statute is still good law. Do you see any Keycite flags indicating the law is in question or no longer valid?

5.    What source(s) did you prefer and why?

6.    Go to municode.com and click on “code library.”  Click on Illinois, then Evanston.  Click on “View Evanston Code of Ordinances.”  Open up the chapter including ordinances regarding dogs.  Provide a citation to the section regarding dangerous dogs.  (Bluebook, p. 120-121 (change typeface from large/small caps to regular typeface).

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