an amazing professional letter for the Flight Chief of the Airforce.

This LETTER is about a boy that didn’t make it through Army Basic Combat Training due to the fact that he didn’t pass the qualification on Basic Rifle Marksmanship

(BRM) with his assigned M4 Carbine rifle, and didn’t had the chance to make up for his Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT), because he was placed as a non-trainer around

the 20th of March 2000 to be a “New Start Over” (NSO) with a new company.  He was supposed to be a “New Start Over” (NSO), but unfortunately, his Battalion Company is

having a new Captain/Commander and want said Captain to start off with a fresh bunch of recruits instead of some “holder overs” – these are the NSO people.
The boy was placed as a Holder over and was sent home with a separation from the Army and has the opportunity to reenlist in six months.  The boy always wanted to join

the Airforce, and now he has the opportunity to. (Talk great things about the U.S.A Airforce.  Speak from your heart and with passion).
While the boy was separated from the Army on the 08th of May 2000, his way back from Army Basic Combat Training he’d decided to change his itinerary to go to the State

of Florida instead of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to work on his obstacles that brought him to his failure.  He didn’t give up because he believe in himself so

much.  He worked on multiple events like shooting, sit-ups, pushups, and jogging.  He improved over the time he was there.  He’d trained constantly as if he was still

in boot camp himself.  Every day at 1700hrs he would be outside jogging.  At first he started off by doing 10mins of nonstop running, and improved over the past weeks

for 1hr and 15mins of nonstop running for six days, and over 400 pushups and sit-ups every day.  He does this constantly, because of what he have learnt from the

military to never give up.  Every day at 1700hrs rain or shine he would be outside for his personal physical training.  Within his complex he even met with other

veterans (12 yrs of serving: Marines) and another gentleman who is proudly serving his country (Marine/Army) of different branches that coached him on his training.

He even went out to community workout sessions when he have the chance because he want to do it with the few that get to serve their country proudly.  He can proudly

say that being a future is what he want.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY:  I want for you to use the brief information that I have above and I want for you to write a letter, in professional letter format, to the

Airforce Flight Chief.  It should be persuasive as if you are selling this boy’s story and informative as well.  You should try to think like the Flight Chief himself

and try to win him over.  Talk about how the boy make it in from a fail attempt at the Army Basic Combat Training to what he have done to join the Airforce.  Be

compassionate about the whole idea.  Just try and win the Flight Chief of the Airforce over.  Finally, on the last paragraph of the letter I want it to be

exceptionally good.  Let it be as if you are begging to be apart of something tremendous, but let it be too obvious.  Its like applying for a job and you really need

that job and you are up against multiple applicants. Or you can even think of it as applying to an Ivy League college like Harvard or Yale.


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