Leaders in Health Care

Personality Types
A person’s personality determines how the act and how they participate in decision making. People with certain personalities work best in a certain area while others are best placed in different aspects. More often than not successful career persons are those of people who work in line with their personalities (Myers, 1995). For instance, people who work in the health care profession might have similar personality traits. The MBIT personality test is useful in determining personality types (Myers, 1995).
INFJ personality
According to the test, my personality type is IFNJ (introverted, intuitive, feeling and judging).The qualitative analysis of my personality is that I am slightly introverted, with moderately expressed intuitive personality. The test also indicates that I possess a slightly expressed feeling personality and moderately expressed judging personality.
I personally can describe myself as a person who seeks perfection in my personal life and my nursing career. I hold high standards for myself, and for other and at times this becomes quite a challenge.it is sometimes unrealistic to hold extremely high standards for people. On the other hand, I like working with people, and it is why I choose a career in psychiatry. I find immense satisfaction from helping the people I work with. Their problems become mine, and it is a constant challenge in trying to dissociate them. .Despite Spending all day with people I still prefer to keep my own company and read books or listening to music.
My career in psychiatry, which I have practiced for the last five years entails that I dedicate a lot of time to people. This is in order to understand their issues and to be able to come up with effective plans of action. It helps that I can sense or realize other people’s emotions.
Myers, I. (1995). Gifts Differing: Understanding Personality Type. New York: Nicholas Brealey Publishing

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