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Integrative and Holistic Models of Development


Psychology focuses on predicting human behavior and explaining it. Sociology focuses on the relationship of individuals in a social economy. Human development examines stages of behavior. Isolating all of these concepts provides us with a picture of what could be but never allows for the whole. Our need to review the complementarities of these disciplines, drawing from all resources to create an explanation of human interaction and possibility, grows as we become more global and universal. We are enriched through understanding not only the specific disciplines but the interactions among them creating opportunities for the emergence of new data as well.

Based on your research (Building Trust Between the Police and the community), the interaction on a local level with your community, and the program investigation, how does an integrative model of relational development refine and expand the need for resolving the issue you have researched?

Incorporate ideas from the article Holistic Human Development to explain the integration of theories that support a concept of development that encourages holism. Integrate the concepts from The Holistic-Interactionistic Paradigm (SEE attached) Some Directions for Empirical Developmental Research (SEE attached) to examine how the research has had an impacted through integrating a perspective of holism within the interpretation of relationships. In this context, consider leadership and advocacy and the approaches needed to work with individuals from a variety of worldviews.

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