This paper will be submitted to TURN IT IN.COM. Please make sure all sources are cited and no plagiarism. Also, use a variety of sources including scholarly sources, text, and Internet. It is a company research paper on Starbucks and the moral or ethical challenges the company has faced. I have already submitted a paper about the CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, about the challenges he faced as a leader. I will include this as an example. For this company research paper we research Starbucks and the ethical dilemmas of the company. Use the following guidelines for this paper:

• Identify the moral challenge(s) or dilemma (s) the company has faced or faces today
• Apply the moral reasoning in justifying or not justifying the decisions made, and
• Present the lessons learned.

*You may use the four-fold framework of People, Purpose, Planet, and Products to consolidate your research. You should, however, include the following three dimensions (Sucher, 2007):
1. Moral Challenge: Explore fundamental moral problems involved and strategies to come to terms with them in the context of your example(s).
2. Moral Reasoning: Identify modes of “moral reasoning” that help in justifying, or not justifying, decisions made in complex situations.
3. Moral Leadership: Explore examples of moral leadership per se, based on your readings, and delineate the lessons learned from positions and actions taken by people in explicit situations.
*Guidelines: Choose one scenario/company and apply the above three dimensions in analyzing the scenario/company. There are two parts: a concrete example of an ethical audit of a scenario/company and bringing out the ethical dilemmas/challenges faced by the company.

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