1. Private sector firms have become the most dynamic sector of China’s

economy. Yet the state sector is hugely privileged in access to capital,

licenses and various state approvals. Critically discuss how private firms

use networks and other means to overcome their liability of being private.

2. How does globalisation impact on the management of Chinese firms?

You should select a particular type of firm rather than try to discuss all.

For example, large State-owned firms, or large private-owned firms that

are internationalising, or small family-run (private owned) firm inside and

outside China. But not all. Globalisation affects each differently.

3. Chinese guanxi-based networking has been described as a ‘cultural

mode’ of communications or the ‘logic’ of business. What are the positive

and negative consequences of guanxi for Chinese managerial practices?

4. What are business groups, and how do they facilitate an understanding

of China’s big businesses? Should China be adopting them? Illustrate

using specific case studies of business groups in China.

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