Graphic Design Between Hong Kong (CHINESE STYLE)& WESTERN

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This essay is about the graphic design in Hong Kong.And this essay need consult at least 2 books, 3 quotations and 5 website references.

It MUST be add the opinion and image. When you talking about the style ( like when you talking about style you need to add a poster/illustration is about this style. )

About the essay I would like to talk about the history of graphic design in Hong Kong (before 1960s), like the style, how they design etc.

Then talk about theTalk about the effect on after the invaded from Western. What was changed in graphic design and How was changed? ( after 1960s)

– The style change? The techniques changed? etc

– Any new format and techniques are draw into HK? etc

Then talk about now, how’s HK’s graphic design going now. The style is different with western (uk) or same with UK? ( during 2000-2015)

– HK’s graphic design more diversification (combine the Chinese style and UK style) etc

– How’s work and is it special? etc

– Is it good?etc

And the conclusion talk about the relationship with HK & Westen. And how they affect each other now.

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