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Final Group Project Instructions
For this project you will work in groups of 4 members. Each student will work in group of 4 to create an end-of-term presentation and report on a new (novel) business idea using some e-Business/Internet technology. The research report consists of the following two elements:
• a written report (approx. 10 pages, single-spaced, not counting ERAs)
• an in-class 25 minute team presentation
The research report can cover any material related to the topics discussed in class. This team report should involve a systematic survey of the topic and should draw on sources other than those discussed or used in class.
The topic of the report should examine a relatively new or completely novel e- business concept. The report should demonstrate the student’s understanding of the limits and/or possibilities of the technologies facilitating this idea. Marks will be given for a:
• creative approach
• clear understanding of the underlying technology



For this project you may choose a new product or service to launch as an e-Commerce business using some e-business/Internet technology. Your group will develop an e-Commerce business model that includes the value proposition, business model, financial model, market model, competitive analysis and a go live implementation plan. Ensure that the financial and market model include revenues, costs, volumes and three year projection.
Please check D2L for additional material as a guidance.
No videos may be played during the presentations i.e. YouTube, etc. The project topic must be approved by the instructor.
The written report must have an executive summary. Ensure that the APA reference style is utilized. The group is to include a contribution appendix that outlines the work that each individual performed.
Example of citation (Use the reference format used below. Alternatively, you may use APA format if you are already familiar with it):
< In the body of the paper>
The Bootstrapping approach was applied to estimate the significance of the path (Chin 2000; Cook and Luo 2003; Cooper et al. 1995). Page 7 of 10

Chin, W. W. “Frequently Asked Questions – Partial Least Squares & PLS-Graph,” 2000., accessed on September 16, 2003.
Cook, D. P. and Luo, W. “The Role of Third-Party Seals in Building Trust Online,” e-Service Journal, (2:3), 2003, pp. 71-84.
Cooper, D. R., Gefen, D. and Emory, C. W. Business Research Methods, 5th ed., IRWIN, U.S.A., 1995

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