Family In America

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THIS PAPER MUST NOT BE A SUMMARY OF THE READINGS ATTACHED – it has to have a clear stated argument with support from all four essays!!
this is the question that the paper must be based on!!!
Karen V. Hansen writes, “Overall, the Crane network illustrates the centrality of kin as care providers. The
Cranes demonstrate that networks centered around care for children typically involve the exchange of many
things besides child care, and involve caring for individuals of different ages, not just children.” (p. 14).
How does Hansen’s report allow us to build a concept of family in America? As part of your answer state
and explain the parts of this concept of family.
Your essay must quote and/or paraphrase and work directly with material from all four essays in this
reading set. In addition, define and employ key terms that seem to be central to the arguments of your
sources and, therefore, to your argument as well. Primary among these key terms is “family.” Other key
terms that might help you with your argument are: decline; familism; deficit comparison model; voluntary
kin; social constructionism; kinscription.

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