Evaluation of Lighting Design
valuation of Lighting Design. This assignment will develop a student’s ability to identify and develop lighting design strategies for architectural spaces.

Choose a real architectural interior space.

Describe your chosen space.

Analyze the function of a space in terms of the visual tasks required

Critique the effectiveness of the current lighting.

Suggest an alternative approach.

The aim of this assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of the information for this course. Choose an example that has a diversity of elements you can discuss.

Submit as a fully referenced (APA format) essay of no more then 750 words.

Assignment 2 is looking at your ability to use what you have learn and present creative and effective solutions.
You may find it easier if you choose a space you regularly visit where you really dislike the lighting, as it might come naturally to suggest an alternative approach. Perhaps your space is cafe where you really enjoy the aesthetics of the lighting, however, you may find it difficult to read the menu. Or you could choose a space where you feel the lighting is perfect, consequently your analysis would discuss why.
Your essay should provide researched examples to support your analysis. This could include other spaces with the same approach, designers that have a particular philosophy or common design approaches that can be seen within your space, or something else you feel is relevant. I would particularly encourage you to support your examples by relating to the human interaction. This could be physiological, psychological, subjective, historical…the sky is the limit. (The brilliant thing about lighting is that it is science and art!) For example if I chose a hospital waiting room that I felt was well lit, I would explain why – Is it the ability to easily achieve the critical task? Is it the colour temperature? Is it the way the lighting helps orientate people? Is it the projection light on the ceiling? Is it the wall washing? Is it the mood it creates for the users? Obviously it would be a combination of one of these….or a combination of other things mentioned within the modules.
You do not need to speak about the elements from assignment 1if you don’t feel any are relevant.
Diagrams, pictures, etc can be used to support your essay.


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