prepare a formal academic paper in essay format of 2500 words . the topic is illustrate the benefits and the shortcomings of environmental management

systems in relation to an enterprise of your choice.
The Major assignment has to include both a descriptive and an analytical component. In other words, you need to be able to present in an organised

and structured way credible information on the topic you select as well as provide a critical analysis (not just a summary of the relevant

literature). ‘Credible information’ means that your information derives from scholarly, i.e., peer reviewed, references. ‘Critical analysis’ in this

instance means identifying, defining and discussing discipline concepts and problems raised in your lectures and readings and applying them

critically to the credible information you have collected.
Your major assignment needs to be fully referenced and written to academic standards. A special requirement of this unit is that when paraphrasing

from any source, you will also be required to provide the page number/s on which you have drawn for the paraphrasing.

Your essay needs to demonstrate evidence of having read and absorbed AT LEAST eight (8) scholarly academic journal articles (you can include other

authenticated reference sources e.g., Australian Bureau of Statistics, as needed, but these do not count towards the minimum required number of

scholarly articles). Nor will online reports by academics (Working papers, Discussion papers, commissioned reports of all kinds) or by organisations

or institutions, including NGOs and Government departments, be counted as scholarly. These are known as ‘grey literature’ and although they may look

impressive and be authoritative, they are not generally peer reviewed or refereed, and therefore do not match in credibility the research articles

published in peer- reviewed journals. You must also not rely on web-based material taken from sites such as Wikipedia, Tutor.net, etc.

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