Review the instructions for the assignment “Critical Review Essay;” Select a book that you would like to read to complete that assignment. Using Book Review Digest, Book Review Index (R028.1) or the electronic databases available at Richland, look up book reviews on the text that you are reading for the critical review assignment. Select 5-6 book reviews to acquire from the library. Note: you will no doubt have to use interlibrary loan – so allow enough time for them to arrive at your library. Using proper bibliographic format list your sources and write a one-paragraph synopsis for at least 3 citations. You may use any published source; however, you must limit internet resources to one. Note also that one paragraph reviews are inappropriate for this assignment; they will not give you sufficient information about your book nor do they show you the format of “critical reviews.”
Finally, include a one paragraph discussion of the author (a biographical sketch of the author of the book — not the review) and a statement indicating whether your chosen book is a valuable resource based on your research. If you decide that your book is not a valuable resource and you choose to read a different title, you do not have to do this assignment over. However, I suggest you still look up book reviews as they will help you understand your text and write your critical review essay.

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