dentify the census tracks that cover the service area of your field agency, work site or a community or neighborhood of your choosing.  Develop a demographic, social and economic profile of this geographical entity.  Utilize Census Bureau and GIS Mapping tools to create a profile.  Think about the data you are collecting and discuss its implications for your agency, community or other setting.  A very good memo will go beyond just presenting, describing and briefly discussing tables, charts and maps. It will use tools presented in the course.  It will show how the data are relevant to the setting you are examining.  The tables, charts and maps will be well formatted and help tell a story. The memo will e useful and add to the  understanding of the setting you are examining.  It will also reference to appropriate sources (e.g., reports, newspaper articles, personal interviews) and use them to help describe the setting and interpret your findings.  (Aboutthan 3pages, single spaced plus tables, charts and maps.

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