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This is the assignment of week4 which consists of three questions. Please read the following instructions to answer them.
– Use two pages to answer the three question. The two pages MUST cover ALL the parts of each question. (MPORTANT).
– Use THREE references to answer the three questions BUT two of these three references MUST be the following references( which can found online) :

– 1 . Ciottone, G. R (2006). Anderson P. D., Auf Der Heide E., Darling R. G., Jacoby I., Noji E. and Suner S. (Eds.), Disaster Medicine. Philadelphia, PA.: Mosby Elsevier. https://ezproxy.philau.edu:2048/login?url=https://www.mdconsult.com/public/book/view?title=Ciottone:+Disaster+Medicine
To access the first two books, you can also see the Library?s DMM Research Guide: https://libguides.philau.edu/dmm –Just select the Books tab
2. Sylves, R. (2008). Disaster policy and politics; Emergency management and homeland security. Washington, D.C.: CQ Press.
AND to be more specific please concentrate more on:
Sylves: Chapter 2
Ciottone: Chapter 30
– The third references can be from your choice.
– The three questions are as follows:

1. Identify and define the primary features of the Unified Command.

2. List and define the steps needed in transferring and assuming incident command. FILL OUT A FORM IS 201 TO DOCUMENT THIS TRANSFER OF COMMAND.
3. Create an organizational grid for a unified command. The situation is as follows: there is a building collapse in the center of a large city. The following jurisdictions are involved in the management of this mass casualty incident. A). State and federal law enforcement B). Emergency medical services. C). Licenses and inspection D). Fire Department
Assume that there is suspicion that the building collapsed secondary to a terrorism event.

Here is the scenario:

There has been an electrical failure at your hospital.  The facility has 150 beds and includes medical and surgical patients, but no peds and no OB.  During the first 12 hr operation period, staff have arranged transfer of two critical pts, but all others (a total of 185) are still at the hospital.  The facility is running on auxiliary power, but is only providing essential power.  The OR is closed.  Full power should be restored within 36 hours.

This transfer of command will cover the next 12 hour operational period.

The point of the exercise is to familiarize with just one NIMS form.  Be creative, have fun as you do this.  The incident briefing instructions are clearly spelled out on pages 1 and 2.  The form is fillable.

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