Development of Play Workshop

In this assignment, you are required to identify an area of play in which you are interested. You will do a literature review to provide data for your handout. In your handout, present what you have found and provide a step-by-step information about how you would deliver the play workshop activities. You will also be required to create ten activities, for workshop participants to gain hands-on experience within your topic.
Assignment Details
1. Select a play topic you would like to explore. Some examples are:
o Block play
o Boxes, bags, containers
o Cooking – heat and no heat
o Co-operative games
o Dramatic play
o Expressing feelings through play
o Fabric decoration – batik, embroidery, needlework, sewing, etc.
o Manipulative play
o Puzzles
o Puppetry – making and using
o Quiet activities and play in a quiet places
o Sand play
o Sculpture (modeling and carving)
o Sensory awareness
o Story telling
o Water play
2. Conduct research about your topic of chosen: reading, making notes of references and of your thoughts. Discuss with your instructor about your play topic, initial research, your observations, your readings, and any questions you have.
3. Document your research and observation in full detail.
o Your initial research on this chosen type of play
o Your observation of how the children play this type of play
o Identify areas of development that are being enhanced (physical, cognitive, social, etc.) by this type of play
4. Provide a handout to distribute what you have found and how you will deliver play workshop activities.
The Handout Instruction
• A general description of the topic and its unique qualities
• A statement of how this play topic supports children’s growth and development
• Describe 10 play experiences, five of which are appropriate for indoor play and five that are appropriate for outdoor play. Where appropriate, experiences should focus on the use of inexpensive, recycled and readily accessible materials.
• A step-by-step information sheet on how to run a play workshop.
• A bibliography to include at least one article from an early childhood periodical, three adult references, and four children’s books, magazines and/or pre-school picture books.
Proper bibliographic format:
Kelley-Scherer, R. (2001). Federal Child Care Policy Development from WWII to the Present. In: Prentice, S. (ed.) Changing Child Care: Five Decades of Childcare Advocacy and Policy in Canada. Halifax: Fernwood Publishing.
Please ensure your handout:
• Is neatly typed or printed
• Is attractively laid out and easy to read
• Is a minimum of 6 pages and a maximum of 12 pages, double spaces
• Includes your name and any necessary references
• Includes the following statement:
“The contents of this publication may be reprinted with credit given to the author.”
Marking Criteria
Items Beginning Developing Accomplished to exemplary Score
General description of the play topic chosen 0 – 1 2 3
Statement of how this topic supports growth and development of children cognitively, physically, socially, emotionally and creatively 0 – 4 5 – 7 8 – 10
10 play experiences, 5 for outdoor activities and 5 for indoor activities 0 – 7 8 – 11 12 – 15
Step-by-step how to run play workshop 0 – 3 3.5 – 5 5.5 – 7
Bibliography 0 1 2
Overall presentation layout or handout layout 0 – 1 2 3
Total Score /40


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