Developing Skills for Business Leadership – Assignment
Imagine you are applying for a job in HRM and your interviewer has asked you to prepare an evidence based portfolio which demonstrates your capabilities against each of the following business leadership skills:
• Manage yourself effectively at work or in another professional context.
• Manage interpersonal relationships
• Make sound and justifiable decisions and solve problems
• Lead and influence others
• Interpret financial information and manage financial resources.
• Demonstrate IT proficiency.
• Demonstrate an essential people management skill-set.
• Demonstrate competence in postgraduate study skills.

Your portfolio should evidence how you have approached the development of these skills through an introductory overview and CPD action plans and records.


Is the portfolio well organised and logically constructed with all evidence clearly labelled and indexed, complete with cover and contents pages? Is there an accompanying narrative which is well written, relevant, and referenced to the supporting evidence in the portfolio?
0——————–5——————–10——————–15——————–20 ——————–25
Quality of the evidence
Does the portfolio contain verifiable evidence of different types (documentary, reflection and independent authentication) and demonstrate development in each of the eight skills?
0——————–5——————–10——————–15——————–20 ——————–25
Does the portfolio evidence both areas of strength and areas requiring further development in a meaningful way? Is it linked to all the core skills listed and to students own SWOT analysis, which should be included?
0——————–5——————–10——————–15——————–20 ——————–25
Does the portfolio demonstrate an insight into the value of Continuing Professional Development and how you have progressed each of the eight skills over the course of study?
Guidelines for completion of Portfolio
It would be expected that there be some form of narrative to accompany the actual evidence and this could be done in a number of ways and should be structured in such a way as there is an element of reflection demonstrated. You could split your narrative to accompany each piece of evidence or write it as a single piece of work. Whichever you choose they would include the following:

1. Description and reflection (you can use learning theories, such as, Honey and Mumford or Schön, to frame this although it is not essential) upon:

• What you did
• When you did it (does not have to be a specific date; could be over a period of time)
• What you felt about the process
• What did you learn (about yourself in terms of the eight core skills)
• If possible, how you took that learning forward to another scenario and how that demonstrated development

For this we would expect you to draw on the SWOT analysis you undertook in the first week and learning logs/CPD records. Some of the weaknesses will relate directly with the criteria and we would suggest you focus in depth on these, however this does not mean you do not include the others. You can also draw upon theory such as learning styles and team roles which gives an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of your personality and characteristics and how these assist or hinder learning and development.
2. An overarching theme that relates to the importance of CPD, as you have experienced it, linking to the theoretical framework provided by the recommended text or available through CIPD web site. This element should be appropriately referenced and written in an academic style. Please do not be afraid to read outside CPD if appropriate.

In terms of the evidence itself then there are a number of areas that you can draw upon including:

• Work
• Education
• Personal experiences
• Other training undertaken in the past or during the period of study

They can include documentary evidence (such as, work you have produced, hard copies of presentations you have given, or certificates of completion and attainment) independent authentications (such as, work appraisals, letters of commendation, peer or tutor feedback), and your own reflections. They should relate directly to the eight core skills.

Depth of content and evidence provided will be determined by your own circumstances. There may be instances whereby you still need to develop further in one of the core skills. This is not a problem. A narrative that demonstrates awareness of lack of progress is equally as important as one of a positive experience. However there has to be a rationale for any lack of development and a plan of how you will address it in the future.

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