Critical Social Psychology – emotions

Please bare in mind this is Not social psychology but its a CRITICAL social psychology work. it states on there that it should be (2,500 words +/-10%) so i will be grateful for 2.150 words but it needs to be top quality work as i have already failed and my degree hangs on this work. if you can not do it top quality please do not accept it as it means the world to me. i have already done the 1st paper which i will attach on here on WHAT IS THE PHENOMENON OF EMOTIONS so you can see my 1st work and this work that needs to be done is on Emotions to but on Critical social psychology emotions..


please read carefully on the criteria that is needed as i will fail and i get no degree its my last chance please.
Referral Assessment 2: Position paper 2 (2,500 words +/-10%). This will not be a Patchwork Text Assessment in the sense that it cannot be completed over a period of time, in small installments documenting the process of construction of knowledge about a topic. It has to be written as one single piece about the SAME topic you chose before. However, to help you research it and write it, please answer each of the following questions:

1. What theories and concepts from the perspective of mainstream social psychology can be used to explain the phenomenon?
2. Drawing on critical social psychology, what do these theories tell us about the context in which the phenomenon takes place and the ideology of psychology? (i.e. evaluate them)
3. How would the phenomenon be conceptualised from the perspective of critical social psychology?
4. What examples are there of studies of the phenomenon from the perspective of critical social psychology?
5. What advantages and disadvantages do you see in the ways in which the two perspectives approach the phenomenon you chose?

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