“Jack, you are still young, but if I tell you a true story, I know that you will understand why I want you to meet your Grandpa, Grandma and Uncle Paul.” During my College years it was normal get hitch hikes in Old Nick’s vehicle.” “Hitch hike, that is a new word Ma, you hiked on what?” No I mean one could get free rides to where you wanted to go from strangers. Being in College, students would regularly wait for free rides,” so Old Nick was a good man who offered you a free ride, said Jack “No listen, I told you that I would be the one telling the story, “Ok Ma, today I can listen, but promise me that you will read a story as I sleep.” I went to Old Nick’s vehicle willingly, after he told me that he had lost his dog and he needed to conduct a search, I agreed because he would also offer me a free ride. “Dogs like the ones on TV,” “sure, but after I entered the vehicle we searched for the dog and could not it. “Now, I well tell you how I ended up in the Room, you see after I entered the vehicle, it was clean, and Old Nick was neat.” You see the mirror that shows our images, the only one in the room,” “

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