Conflict can be termed as an articulated struggle between two or more inter-reliant parties that perceive incompatible scare resources, goals, as well as interference caused by others from attaining their goals (Rioux & Redekop, 2013). When the word conflict is mentioned, different things and scenarios run through the minds of different people. Various theorists have defined conflicts in varying ways according to their logical reasoning. In a better understanding of conflict, the book called “Introduction to Conflict Studies” by Jean-Francois Rioux in conjunction with Vern Neufeld Redekop brings a great insight through all the lessons involved regarding conflict and all its aspects. Conflict is seemingly one of the main defects of societies’ development and well-being. This is because through the increased rates of conflicts at all levels, the society’s strength and moral standards deteriorates daily. There is comprehensive elaboration of the different structures of conflicts and the levels of disputes likely to erupt as a result. In addition, conflicts can progress from one level to the other depending on the way it is dealt with and the willingness of the parties involved solving it.

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